Oh she wants me, Oh she’s got me, Oh she hurts me

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Anonymous asked: Why taeyeon have so much fansite?

Cause she is a popular little kid with massive amount of international fans. That’s enough for them to squeeze our wallets dry :P

Anonymous asked: How to differentiate Prince and Dubu?

By eye? They don’t look similar to me D:

Anonymous asked: So KhunFany only matter for TaeNy fans, right? Not the whole fandom.. But is KhunFany affect her popularity? I think some hate her but she got more support after that, not supporting KhunFany, but support her personally.. She's gone, and people gonna miss her more lol..


Anonymous asked: But again, what effect does it give to the fandom? I don't even bothered with it before until almost everyone in my TL talking about it. It only bothers some people not all. Others should stop playing drama in this fandom. Affecting to some people and those 'famous' ones does not mean whole fandom, right?

Yes. But most of the time, somehow someone’s stupidity will affect people.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Nichkhun will get asked a lot about Tiffany when 2PM makes a comeback?


Anonymous asked: I dont get why people are nonstop talking about Tiffany's dating news affected the whole fandom. Why effect does it give? Am I living in cave not noticing this one? Dont tell me affecting whole fandom here is related to not-really-active cecil at twitter anymore.

Its probably due to shippers And their level of exposure compared to the other couples. =(

Anonymous asked: I'm so happy once Tiff's dating news was out. Goodbye delusional to the max shippers of TaeNy. I like them but not their shippers. Not supporting Tiff is the same with showing their butthurt side who hope their idols being gay. Yuck. You think a lot of TaeNy's fans still can't accept this? Especially that Big 'TaeNy' Mama, Cecil keke

Yes, I believe some of them haven’t get over it.

Anonymous asked: Why is Tiffany dating affecting fandom so much in every way possible

Because. TaeNy.

Anonymous asked: We complain so much to SM but do you think SM hear us?

If they could actually hear the cries of f(x) fans first.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know how many music show wins did snsd get in the boys era?

6 wins on Mubank. I think they got Triple crown for all the other shows.

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Anonymous asked: Only SM girl group can replace SNSD? But f(x) didn't even close to them, just say that because SM's mismanagement, but their pretty big fanbase and sales can't be compared to SNSD..

I didn’t mean F(x)

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Anonymous asked: Can you give some hints on Taeyeon's boyfriend?

Start with D and ends with E. Doongie

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Anonymous asked: But why only confirmed SNSD? They must be know if dating news can destroy their career.. Or they did it on purpose with some particular reason? No proper comeback and only confirmed SNSD dating scandal.. Hmmmm.. Can't SM do anything but confirmed it?

It didn’t destroy Soshi.

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Anonymous asked: So nice person won't make some big explosion, right? It must be end up like YoonGi.. But if it really can cause such explosion, the reason is because who is her boyfriend or because Taeng is taken? Because i read so many sones are overprotective to her and don't want her to be in relationship..

First reason. In anyway, I doubt SM will reveal it cause I’m the one dating Taeyeon.

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