Right now, this phase is causing hurt, sufferings and discontentment to most of the SONEs all around the world. Any trigger can tick us off to a bomb that would set fire to all things we have done for them; and the things they have done for us.

It’s true about Taeyeon and I’m not denying anything about her. But this is when we truly learnt that she is just a normal human being. SNSD are just humans. In fact, every idol is.

I know many people are hurting because of her. But only if we get through this, we will finally embrace her as Kim Taeyeon ultimately.

Surely, we are S-ONE.


— Always loving Taeyeon :)



Explanation of Nicknames C-Sones have for Soshi ^^

Taeyeon : 抽抽 (Chou Chou) derived from the word ‘抽风’ which means crazy, dorky

Jessica: 毛毛 (Mao Mao) This is from Sica’s blonde hair during Genie Era/ Legally Blonde. She was originally called ‘小金毛’ (little blonde hair)  then it was changed to ‘毛毛’ (maomao) since its more affectionate.

Sunny: 小太阳(Xiao Tai Yang) which literally means little sun. Taken from ‘Sunny’.

Tiffany: 帕尼  (Pa Ni); which literally means Fany.

Other popular nicknames includes 黄秘书 (Huang Mi Shu) which is Secretary Hwang – derived from the fact that she watched The Secretary (lol);

Also ‘ 一姐’ (Yi Jie) which means Big Sister (Idk how to explain this term further ><) – many different reasons why it was created. 1. A Taiwan SONE went to Soshi’ fansign event and told Fany that she is 台湾一姐 (Taiwan’s Big Sister) and then Fany wrote ‘TaiwanYiJie’ beside her autograph. 2.  She gave tons and tons of fanservice at TW Solo Con, and because of that the TW fans gave her that nickname.

Hyoyeon:  舞后 (Wu Hou) which means Dancing Queen.  Sometimes she is called ‘金十岁’ (Jin Shi Sui) which means Ten Year Old Kim – this is derived from the fact that she is hyo-choding.

Yuri –呆呆  (Dai Dai)  which means Blank. It was because du           ring the debut days, she always stared into space; and therefore she is called Dai Dai.

Sometimes she is always called ‘萝卜’ (Luo Bo) / 权相公 (Quan Xiang Gong) 相公 means husband in historical china dynasty;  权 is Kwon and hence the name Kwon Husband- due to the fact that she has a lot of CP names in the past, the nickname means something like a prince who always flirt.

Sooyoung – 偶吧 (Ou Ba) which means Oppa.  Sooyoung in Chinese –‘苏勇’ (Soo Yong) sounds like a male name; and also during the Genie Era, she had short hair and hence like an oppa

Yoona – 胖胖 (Pang Pang) which means Fatty – During Boom’s YoungStar radio in 2013, he asked what nicknames do the Soshi members want and Sooyoung said her friends have been asking her to eat more so Sooyoung wanna be called as Fatty Sooyoung; then Yoona said ‘ in this case I want to be called as Nation’s Fatty’ and from that day onwards she is called ‘Pang Pang’.

She is often called 小鹿 (Xiao Lu) which means Little Deer (DeerYoona)

Seohyun: 忙内 (Mang Nei) which literally translates to Maknae. I always heard them calling Seobb ‘忙内’ I think I hardly come across other frequently used nicknames.



Songs broadcasted on Sunny’s FM Date (140512)

  • Kissing You - Girls Generation
  • Start- Kim Dong Ryul
  • The Lone Duckling - GOD
  • Sunny Sunny - Driver Lake
  • Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms - HIGH4 + IU
  • The Gloomy Song - Hyungdon and Daejune
  • Rather BeClean Bandit (Feat. Jess Glynne)
  • Sweet -Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park)
  • That’s What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick & Friends
  • Chau Chau- Deli Spice
  • Yesterday Once More - Carpenters
  • Don’t think you are alone - Kim Bo Kyung
  • You did good today too- Dalmoon
  • Dating -Kim Hyun Chul
  • Happy - Pharrell Williams
  • If i were you - 2NE1
  • On a Sunny Day - Woong San Band

compiled by doongie. tweet me@doongie09 if there is any errors :)

Oh she wants me, Oh she’s got me, Oh she hurts me

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Special Soshi

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6 Reasons Why we Need a Girl’s Generation Comeback

1) Their Smiles

Their extra infectious smiles, we’d love to have one more reason to see them.

2) New fans, New Friends

Every comeback brings in new fans and it’s always lovely to see new Sones fawn over the girls, pick out their favourite tunes and find their bearings with SNSD’s immense discography. Love it.

3) Their… unconventional charms

These girls aren’t afraid to wreck their image for a few laughs from the fans. Hats off to that!

4) Costumes Costumes Costumes!

From sleek black attire, to military jackets right down to hip-hop tat, every comeback seems to usher in some sort of iconic outfit. No one really knows if it’s the outfits or the girls working the magic. But, either way, they look gorgeous and we can’t wait to see what they bring us next. 

5) Their Dynamics

These girls have probably braved their angry-female-growing-up stages together. That real turmoil is what makes their dynamic shine today.

6) It’s been awhile… a very. long. while…

And the ultimate reason: It’s been more than a year since IGAB for pete’s sake! We’re growing increasingly restless by the day. and we’re… waiting…

Soshi’s dating? What is happening now. Fivebits about it

Above are just my thoughts and some stuffs and I reckon you would have gotten it too. 5) is probably the most important thing. And I just typed without checking my errors..so here it is.

) Soshi has already reached the age for dating. Having the looks & the wealth, it would be weird if there’s no one wooing them. It’s pretty obvious that SM has been giving them space and flexibility in these 2 years, hence the two/three of them might not be the only ones dating. (I know it’s obvious LOL)

2) SM has been very clear cut with their responses to the dating reports TWICE, the news are very positive as well. It’s pretty clear that things might have been communicated well before the revelations. This shows SM’s attitude; whether there would be further dating news, it doesn’t matter as the fans and the netizens/public’s attitude has been clear too.

3. For the past 10 years, from the way SM developed their artists, it’s evident that their strategy is ‘keeping a balance’. In 2013, it’s obvious that EXO did better than SHINee. This year, the only way to keep the balance is only the nine girls.. To be honest,even if this album isn’t Soshi’s last album, the activities they are carrying out are going to be affected as well. This comeback would be explosive enough. If there’s good control/management by the company, it would be a very successful one.

4) When the idols revealed that they’re dating, it would definitely be a blow to the loyal fans. After such news, we cannot deny the fact that some fans would leave the fandom. T.T The SONE fandom would be affected but not to a very large extent…The remaining fans like us would probably be more loyal to them. And because of that, even if there’s lesser group activities in the future, they would still be able to maintain the fan support.

5) And finally, the fans who leave the fandom, it would be a pretty tough period as for now. If SM comes out with a new group, with some ‘taeyeon so called alike etc’ they might join the new fandom. Hence, I believe it’s time for the new girl group to be released by SM soon. This year, they could garner a fair amount of fans and next year, SM could give them over exposure like EXO to ‘takeover’ Soshi. And therefore, the girl group would be with EXO as the top groups of Kpop; hence sustaining SM’s growth for 5-6 years to come. :P

(Trans) Email Interview by MyPaper with SNSD

Korea’s number 1 girl group, Girls Generation will be in Singapore this Saturday to perform. They did an email interview with us. 

1)  There’s many SNSD dance tracks, which one is of the highest difficulty level?

All: Its ‘I Got A Boy’. There’s non stop dance moves in the whole song and it requires a lot of stamina. It’s really tough when we perform it live as we sing and dance; its difficult to control our breathing too. However, its nice when we perform and many people love this song. And we are proud of IGAB.

2) Is there any fixed habits or gestures Girls Generation do before performing on the stage?

Yuri: Depends on my condition that day. I will do some stretching exercise and relax; and also chat with my members. Sometimes, I’ll listen to music at a corner alone.

Hyoyeon: I’ll pray before i perform and shout ‘Right Now, its Girls Generation’ with my members.

Jessica: I’ll eat delicious food & relax.

Yoona: Eat delicious food and take pictures with my fellow members.

3. Is there any lucky charm that you must always carry wherever you go?

Tiffany: My handphone, although its not a lucky charm but ill be very anxious without my phone.

Sunny: My MP3! Listening to the songs that I like, i’ll be very relaxed and happy.

4. Is there any worries/concerns that are present during your debut days but now, it has gone away?

Taeyeon: I’m very concern about my facial expressions when I sing the high notes in the past; worrying whether the expression is good or not. But right now, I focused on giving the best performance for my fans.

Hyoyeon: Forgetting my dance moves.  But right now, even if i make some mistakes, I’ll still enjoy the performance.

Sooyoung: Last time, when i was very young, I don’t know much. But now, I’ll notice the cameras’ even those in front of the stage.

Yoona: I’ll worry about forgetting my lyrics and dancing the wrong steps in the past; having a lot of negative thoughts before performing. But right now, I’m fine and becoming more relaxed.

5. Girls Generation has more male fans or female fans?

Seohyun: I think its on par. During the pre-debut era, there’s more male fans but right now, there’s a lot of fangirls!

Tiffany: The screams of the fangirls would be drowned by the fanboys; by ‘listening’, its seems like there’s more fanboys.

Original: http://t.co/1aKQzvH32f

-Doongie (mention me if there’s any typo, thanks)

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안녕?나 한유림이야^^
드디어 내일이 열애 첫 방송 날이네요~! 두근두근!! 
솔직히 처음이라 부족한 부분 투성이겠지만.. 
신인으로서 꾸준한 노력으로 열심히 채워 나갈게요~! 
매너남 무열이와 함께 셀카 한장~많이 응원 해주세요^^

Hello? I am Han Yoorim ^^

Finally, tomorrow’s the first broadcast of ‘Passionate Love~’ Dugeun Dugeun!! Frankly, although I’m not good enough in many areas as it’s my first time, but I’ll put in tireless effort as a newcomer to make up for it diligently.  A selca with polite/manner boy Muyeol.  please cheer for us alot ^^


130921-130927 Weekly Update of Kpop Artists’ album sales (SNSD, G-Dragon, TeenTop, KARA & Busker Busker)


SNSD/Girls Generation ‘Love & Girls’ #145 with 352 copies on Oricon Weekly Chart. Total: 55,309 copies. Week 10.


  1. Busker Busker ‘Love, at First’ 3rd day album sales: 25,525 copies. Digital sales performance is more than 50 (xx) times better than Growl.

     2. G-Dragon ‘COUP D’E TAT’ 1st+2nd week album sales: 85,014 copies. Bulk orders still on, the bullets’ waiting for Busker Busker

     3. KARA ‘Damaged Lady’ total album sales with 28,038 copies. (all 3 weeks)

     4. TeenTop ‘Rocking’ total album sales with 60,691 copies. (all 4 weeks)

(Trans) Yoona Fanacc in Dongguk University by a classmate [Long]

*omitted irrelevant content & translate content related to yoong*

Time: 23 September 2013, Monday, 12:00-13:30

:Noon in the ‘Samguk Yusa’ class (History lessons on Three Kingdoms of Korea’.

:Classroom of Dongguk University L302.

4th week in school, around 12.40pm, the back door of the classroom opened and someone entered. Since its a norm for students to enter the class late or to leave the class in the midst of a lesson, most of us did not pay much attention to the person who entered.

Just then, the professor who was explaining her PPT stopped talking, looked in a direction and said: “You came? Get a seat quickly.” Everyone turned….”Yoona ah!!! Oh my!!!…..” The professor spent some time trying to keep the class quiet. Yoona then walked to the back corner of the classroom and sat down.

After teaching for 20 minutes, the professor relented and ended the class 30 minutes earlier. She then asked Yoona to introduce herself in front of the class. Shy Yoona classmate was finally here.

The professor said that actually Yoona’s manager had discussed with her whether she could be absent from school but the prof suggested that Yoona should meet everyone, say hello, take some photos or autographs, have a meal together etc. Never she knew Yoona’s really here.

Yoona: ”Hello.”

Class: “Woooo.”

Yoona was shy.

Class: “Woooo.”

Yoona: “I am Yoona.”

Class: ”..so pretty…you’re too beautifui…sing a song for us…”

The students outside the classroom then spotted Yoona, As the front door is always opened, the students then shouted: “you’re so pretty” etc. The professor then tried to change the subject & asked the students which year are they. Then, the students (outside ones) went overboard and started to come in, they then asked to take photos.

Yoona was surrounded by the students and then the classmates. All surrounded her to take selcas/photos. One of them who wanted to take a photo put his phone right in front of her face (less than 15cm), when Yoona turned her head and looked in the direction, she was shocked to see her face so close up on the phone. She then said “Its so close that my face became so big.” Everyone laughed.

We (classmates) were annoyed that our opportunity were taken. Not only we couldn’t take photos, we can’t even see her now. While the male classmates were hesitating, the female ones just rushed to the front, pushed the guys away and shouted for the students to leave the class. With the help of our classmates, we shouted: “Yoona’s from our class, please leave!” The professor closed the door and it went silent.

Without the students, we became gentlemen and ladies again. After a few photos, the professor asked what year was Yoona and also the reasons why Seohyun’s absent from school. Yoona said she’s Year 3 and Seohyun was unable to come because of her new drama.

The professor then allowed some classmates to ask Yoona questions.

Classmate: “Yoona unnie, what course are you in?”

Yoona: “Cultures & Arts.”

Student: “Do you have a boyfriend”

Yoona: “You are not from our class, you just sneaked in.”

After that, the fansign started. Yoona signed every single one and gave a sweet smile each time. When she started to leave, everyone started to give space for her, this shows that her beauty is so overwhelmed, we wantedt to get close to her but at the same time, we felt that she should have some space. Then the manager and the professor came and its time to leave before more people come; there’s so many students, some were even standing on tables, and I, who still have lessons, left the place happy with an autograph by Yoona.

Let me answer some questions:

1. Yoona is really pretty

2. Her skin is extremely well.

3. Absolutely not fat

4. She smells nice (I have never learn perfumery before so I don’t know what brand is it)

5. Anything, she would answer, absolutely humble

6. She speaks gently and softly

original: http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/large/6d9acbe1gw1e8zyvd16rpj20ig1fuax6.jpg


(Trans) 130921 Yoona UFO Replies (3)

UFO Reply 1:
Fan: tu tu tu, are you there? Yoona, what are you doing now? Have you watched ‘The Face Reader’? Did Yoona watched ‘The Face Reader’ ?

Yoona: I have watched it at the premiere.

UFO Reply 2:
Fan: da da ri du da~ do the, do the CatWalk
Yoona: During the recording, i heard it as chicken feet too.

Da da ri= chicken feet.
Do the Catwalk by Girls Generation.

UFO Reply 3:
Fan: Recently, there’s no songs to listen to, I could only listen to Soshi’s songs over and over again. Is there any good songs you could recommend? ㄱㄱㄱ

Yoona: ‘The Things to do tomorrow’ ~? When I listen to it in the past, it’s pretty good. Why do I say this suddenly? Because of Superstar Kㅎ

‘The Things to do tomorrow is a song by Yoon Jong Shin feat. Sung Si Kyung.

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(ScreenCaps) Taeyeon in Nature Republic CF

(Trans) SNSD Hyoyeon mentioned EXO’s Kai on a radio show

On Kim Shin Young’s radio show on 11 Sept, Hyoyeon was asked; “who in boy groups would you like to dance with in a couple dance?”
And she replied: “EXO’s Kai”

Hyoyeon said that Kai dances very well, even before EXO debuted.

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