Anonymous asked: i don't see Cecil these day? Do y know why?

Busy maybe

Anonymous asked: do you know about JungSis debut long ago??

yes since october last year

Anonymous asked: I don't get it, why are these SONE/kpop fans still not done tweeting #PrayForSouthKorea but they even barely tweet #PrayForMH370 when the plane was missing? Or even other disasters, #PrayForUkraine, #PrayForIndonesia, #PrayForSinabung? Do they think they're Koreans now for sympathizing that much?

People tend to sympathize with people/things they are comfortable this case…its Korea…human psychology I suppose ><

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Anonymous asked: SNSD is the funniest idol group in South Korea right?

This question itself is funny.

Anonymous asked: I miss your askfm .__. I think askfm is much simpler than tumblr._.

Tumblr is good

Anonymous asked: Do you think about Kwon tyler and Jessica?

I think about Sica but not Tyler LOL

Anonymous asked: where are that famous sones go? they're still in shock or have something shocking to tell another sones? lol


Anonymous asked: A lot of girl group member going solo, but why can't Taeyeon? Because she doesn't want to? Or because SM doesn't give her a chance? I remember she said she doesn't want to go solo because she likes in a group more, but she wants to if she is given a chance....

Only Time will tell.

Anonymous asked: Why SNSD doesn't have many appearance on MC, variety, or musical like Suju?

Because SM.

Oh she wants me, Oh she’s got me, Oh she hurts me

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Anonymous asked: Why taeyeon have so much fansite?

Cause she is a popular little kid with massive amount of international fans. That’s enough for them to squeeze our wallets dry :P

Anonymous asked: How to differentiate Prince and Dubu?

By eye? They don’t look similar to me D:

Anonymous asked: So KhunFany only matter for TaeNy fans, right? Not the whole fandom.. But is KhunFany affect her popularity? I think some hate her but she got more support after that, not supporting KhunFany, but support her personally.. She's gone, and people gonna miss her more lol..


Anonymous asked: But again, what effect does it give to the fandom? I don't even bothered with it before until almost everyone in my TL talking about it. It only bothers some people not all. Others should stop playing drama in this fandom. Affecting to some people and those 'famous' ones does not mean whole fandom, right?

Yes. But most of the time, somehow someone’s stupidity will affect people.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Nichkhun will get asked a lot about Tiffany when 2PM makes a comeback?


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